Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus
Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus

Dorr Vlogging Tripod Octopus

Artikelnummer: D-380191

The fully flexible and versatile DÖRR Vlogging Tripod Octopus is perfect for shootings in unusual and extreme locations and enables photo and video recordings in impassable outdoor terrain or from unique perspectives.
The bendable tripod legs can be attached to branches, railings or tubes like an octopus and open up many creative possibilities for positioning the tripod. Accessories such as an LED video light, an external microphone, a flash or other devices with a ¼ inch tripod mount can be attached to the two additional accessory arms.

The rubber covered accessory arms, the tripod legs and the tripod feet are equipped with a standard ¼ inch thread. This enables the tripod to be completely dismantled into its individual parts. Thus the tripod is ideal for traveling with small luggage such as cycling, hiking or motorcycle tours.
But the compact DÖRR Octopus also does a good job on your desk. When used as a table tripod, it is best for vloggers and bloggers, for home schooling and in the home office to record webinars, online courses or YouTube videos.


The fully flexible tripod legs make it easy to mount the Octopus quickly on any surface and on many objects. The detachable tripod feet are fitted with an eyelet to hang or to tie the tripod with the help of a hook or a string. Furthermore, the non-slip tripod feet ensure a good grip on smooth surfaces.


The Octopus comes with two additional flexible accessory arms that can be screwed onto the sides of the ball head if needed. To the ¼ inch mount you may attach further accessories such as a LED video light, an external microphone or other devices with a corresponding mount.


The tripod is fitted with a high-quality ball head with integrated smartphone holder equipped with an universal hot shoe. Smartphones as well as compact cameras, system cameras, action cameras or small camcorders with a ¼ inch tripod connection can be mounted on the tripod. The removable ball head can be brought into position gently and easily. On the side of the ball head you will find a notch for portrait format shootings.
The integrated, variable smartphone holder is suitable for smartphones with a width of 65 – 90 mm. The smartphone is simply inserted between the rubberised clamp and the tripod plate. The smartphone holder is fitted with a hot shoe mount for attaching an external microphone or video light.

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