Dorr Aluminium statief PST-250

Dorr Aluminium statief PST-250

Artikelnummer: D-372725
Draagkracht: 8kg
Max hoogte: 250cm
Draagkracht: 8 kg
Hoogte opgeplooid: 54cm


The prerequisite for perfectly sharp photos and videos is a stable tripod. Especially when there is little ambient light and when using long focal lengths a tripod is a must-have.
Thanks to the aluminum tubes with a thickness of up to 30 mm, the DÖRR PST-250 tripod is extremely stable and durable. With a load capacity of up to 8 kg, this professional tripod is also suitable for heavier cameras with long telephoto lenses.
With a maximum height of 2.50 meters, the tripod is exceptionally high and ideally suited for photo and video recordings from a bird's-eye view. With the PST-250, you can easily master shots of larger groups of people or architecture.


The tripod can quickly be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps. With the practical twist-locks, the tripod legs can be continuously adjusted to the desired height up to a maximum of 250 cm. The minimum working height is only 50 cm.
For shots close to the ground or for a secure stand on uneven or sloping terrain, the tripod legs can be locked at three angles. The four-part tripod legs can be folded up completely and are thus responsible for the compact transport size of just 54 cm. With a total weight of under 2 kg, the high-quality tripod is also ideal for on the go.
To prevent damage to sensitive floors such as parquet when shooting indoors, the feet of the PST-250 are made of soft rubber. For outdoor use on forest paths, meadows and natural floors, these rubber feet can be removed and replaced with the supplied metal spikes.
For easy handling of the tripod one tripod leg is covered with foam rubber. With this foam rubber grip the tripod is pleasant to touch even in colder temperatures.


The two section centre column can be variably adjusted to the desired height. The base plate is fitted with a rotatable tripod screw with 2 threaded connections: a 3/8 inch thread for mounting a tripod head (optionally available from DÖRR). Cameras can be screwed directly onto the 1/4 inch thread, for use without a head. To turn the tripod screw, unscrew the base plate.
The hook on the bottom of the centre column ensures a secure hold in wind and storms. You can attach your camera bag or another weight to this hook to give the tripod additional stability.


For storage and transport, the tripod comes in a sturdy tripod bag with a shoulder strap.


An optional tripod head is required to connect your camera. In the DÖRR range you will find the right ball head or 3-way panhead for your needs.

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