Dörr Slim RGB LED RGB Light BVL-152 Dörr Slim RGB LED RGB Light BVL-152
Dörr Slim RGB LED RGB Light BVL-152

Dörr Slim RGB LED RGB Light BVL-152

Artikelnummer: D-371085
Ean: 4000461097874

The especially flat DÖRR Slim RGB LED Video Light BVL-152 with its 12 watts power is well suited for photo shoots as well as video recording.

The clearly arranged LCD Display complements the high-quality aluminum housing. Even at full power the built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 1400mAh lasts for 1,5 hours constantly. The hot shoe mount of the universal ball head fits well for DSLR, DSLM and camcorders with hot shoe socket. The universal ball head offers a ¼” thread so you can use the RGB LED continuous light on light stands and tripods.

In colour temperature mode you can set warm light from 3000° Kelvin up to 6500° Kelvin cold light in 100°K steps. In RGB mode choose out of 360 different colours - each colour can be adjusted precisely in 100 intensity levels. Over 40 different preinstalled light and flash effects create special scenarios. In every mode brightness is steplessly dimmable from 0 to 100%.
Use the diffusor plate to soften the emitted light and reduce harsh shadows. Store the RGB LED continuous light inside the storage pouch when you are on the way.

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